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Clinical Pharmacy Services, Inc. - A PharmaLogic Holdings Corp. Nuclear Pharmacy

Executive, Product Development

Alan Arp

Pharmacy Manager

Jon McReynolds, Pharm D.

Administrative Assistant, Certified Pharmacy Tech

Tina Morton

CPS Nuclear Pharmacists

Jon McReynolds,Pharm D.
Ware Mitchell, Pharm D.
Travis Bemiss, Pharm D., BCNP
Jeremiah Taylor, Pharm D.

Lab Manager, Certified Pharmacy Tech

Steve Holt

3rd Shift Lab Manager, Certified Pharmacy Tech

Paul Bailey

Assistant Radiation Safety Officer, Certified Pharmacy Tech

Keith Hensley

Our computer support Staff:

Brett Whittacre, BioDose Support,BioRX Support,Server Deployment and Network layout.

Jared Johnson, BioRX Support, BioDose Support, Computer Support and Software Consulting.

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